Monday, August 1, 2016

Nine Songs by Alfonso Cavallaro Uploaded

At long last, these "trifles," as my father described them, are ready to share.  The descriptions on my Youtube channel provide considerably more information.  The links are as follows:

Six Neapolitan Songs:

There English Songs:

I should note that I transcribed one of the Neapolitan Songs -- "Canzone a Maria" -- for piano solo, and two of the English songs -- "Tears" and "A Man-Child's Lullaby" -- for oboe (or flute) and piano.  In fact, my father's Op. Posthumous 1 includes yet another song, "Far Away," also for oboe (or flute) and piano.  This, however, was never recorded for voice because of problems with the text.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Partita in B-flat for Unaccompanied Bassoon Is Online

Robert Rønnes has recorded my partita, and both he and I have uploaded to our respective Youtube channels:

Robert’s performance is, of course, quite romantic in nature, perhaps more than I had in mind for a baroque composition.  On the other hand, he offers some wonderful nuances on the repeats and plays most expressively. 

I should append that the work has also been arranged (with minor modifications, including a transposition to D Major) for unaccompanied bass.  This alternative has not yet been recorded. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Partita #1 in E Minor Is on The Handel Harpsichord Room!

I am truly honored that Fernando de Luca has included my work along with those of my distinguished colleagues, all writing baroque music in the 21st century.  If the viewer hits the "Play All" link on the left (just below the art work), he/she will find some amazing "new" old compositions!  Also worth catching is the introduction (in English, as well as Italian!) link, which offers background information about Fernando's "Handel Harpsichord Room" and his many recordings thereon.
(1) The link to compositions:

(2) The link to the introduction (and other links):