Friday, November 1, 2013

More Publications for 2014!

2014 looks like a promising year!  Forton Music have accepted what will become my Op. 6 Partita in G for Oboe, Cor Anglais, and Bassoon, and my Op. 7 Four Romances for Cor Anglais and Piano.  Needless to say, I am extremely gratified by this news!  Meanwhile, my father's magnificent chorale prelude for organ, "Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten," will be published by Wayne Leupold editions. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Summer Update (belated)

I am now in possession of another short CD, this one comprised entirely of compositions for winds.  My colleagues [Audrey Markowitz, oboe; Kyoko Hida-Battaglia, English horn (and oboe); Patricia Yee, bassoon] and I recorded these eleven pieces at Futura Productions in Roslindale, and I am once again quite pleased with the results.

I patched together what may ultimately form the Partita in G for Double-Reed Trio -- Invention in G minor, Rondo in G Major, Fugue #1 in G minor, Renaissance Dance in G Major, and Fugue #2 in G minor.  As a group, these are certainly somewhat unusual -- three baroque contrapuntal works (in minor mode) with a classical rondo and Renaissance dance (the latter two in major mode).  Moreover, the second fugue has already been published as my Op. 3, #3 "Fugue for Cor Anglais and Piano."  However, I think the assembly works quite nicely, and the concluding fugue probably sounds better with the three woodwinds than with English horn and piano.

I finally got to record my transcription of my father's song, "A Man-Child's Lullaby" (with oboe; published for oboe or flute & piano).  I also completed my Op. 3 recordings with the second (and best) piece, "Song Without Words."

The new works -- all of which came to me in dreams -- formed a set:  Four Romances for Cor Anglais and Piano.  Of these, the most interesting is #1 in F, which begins with a short excerpt from Beethoven's first cello sonata (but branches off in a totally different direction).  The third, in b minor, derived from my earlier setting of "Heartbreak Hill," by Celia Thaxter, and clearly works quite nicely for English horn.

I am very excited about these new compositions (as well as the two already published), and hope they will be performed in near future. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Novel about Paganini beats books on Biber, Khalifa

Here is --> an amusing news blurb about my mother's novel (based on the life of Paganini), which I edited and revised: .

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three Recent Interviews With Violinists!

I have written three interviews with violinists for the newsletter of Stay Thirsty Press, publishers of Paganini's Fire.

The interview with Alexander Markov can be found at:

The two-part interview with Stephanie Chase is reached thusly:

Finally, the interview with Joshua Bell can be accessed via 

These were all most enjoyable, and well received.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cavallaro Music for Winds Has Been Published, and is also on Youtube!

Forton Music has released three volumes of my music, along with a posthumous volume of my father's.  Available now are my:  (1) Sonata for Oboe (or Flute) in a minor, Op. 1; (2) Three Songs Without Words for Flute or Oboe,  Op. 2; and (3) Three Pieces for Cor Anglais, Op. 3 -- along with Three Pieces for Oboe or Flute, Op. Posth., by Alfonso Cavallaro.  The link to the publisher is:

Some (alas, not all) of these can also be heard on my Youtube channel at the following url: .

I am profoundly grateful to Forton Music for the wonderful opportunity they have afforded me.  I devoutly hope that my own music, which adheres to eighteenth and early nineteenth century harmonic idiom and style, will inspire other composers to return to our musical roots!